Friday, July 22, 2011

My Purple dress, long from the back only!

I was Deciding what to wear on my friends engagement i tried this purple number...hmmm i think i kinda feeling this one! i love the gemlike color..reminds me of precious stones! ahhh dont we love jewels! ok, so going back to the dress subject! lolzzz..
yes, i think i like the long drape at the back, its feminine and a bit different form my other dresses...the bow at the fron also is flattering to have an uplift look and girly but has a sexy twist and elegance to it! let me know what ya think ?

outfit, shoes zara, bag form chanel beige gold hardware caviar leather, dress from vwang

Monday, July 18, 2011

Maxi dresses Spring luvin!

 I am so luvin´ the simplicity, mixed with boho chic, grandeour of the maxi dresses, Its so versatile and easy to wear, Just choose the right prints and design to flatter your shape. The thing about maxi dresses is you can play it down casual or make it look glam as well, depends on your accesories or mood, texture and print...
Well, I think its a classic ...every girl should have one at least! just in case...lolzz
Well this is my take on the maxi dress, i will try to find some more pictures of the other maxis i do have...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garden Party and orange yellow dress!

I was gonna meet some girfriends for garden party, i love spring and summer  coz of the colors everywhere and i get to go out to tea or garden parties! and of course i what a season to be wearing brights!

Outfit. halston vintage dress, shoes nude pumps zara, hermes birkin.
more photos and infor on my other blog;

Friday, June 24, 2011

Phtography skills?

I honestly admit and think that i need to polish my own photography skills!  although I always blame it to the camera! bahahaa! So here are some photos taken with my new camera, its not  a professional camera to start with  but its kinda acceptable! hmmm.. Some one with a kind lending hand took some pics of me today...

I Like the Seasons take on to the colorful stuff! Fushia , pins and bright colors! I love colors! I got this dress lately..hmm looks ok here ( blaming the camera man) lolz
For more info about the outfit, visit my new blog, more photos there too! hehehee

Do you love colorful outfits? or are you the subtle one?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bag Collection Organization?

Are you  the type to display or show your collections? or the type that keeps them inside your cupboard or boxes or maybe  a safe? lol. Unseen? . I am visual so i like to see what  I have so I dont forget them! And many designs ,,highend or not just really look good to be incorporated to some of the decor in the closet. It kinda spice up the place. Some people collect books and has a library for them, some collect art and hang them and some just collect shoes or Purse or bags! Which one are you?

PS: i would love and wish to collect everything! lol...except dust! hahaaa.
well, you know what am obssesed about...ahhh we girls are allowed the freedom to dream,,,


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goofing in Bonn Germany!

I have been very busy lately, health issues, traveling, entertaining guests and I have A NEW BLOG!
I hope my treasured followers will check this one out..i write more about my day and life over there!uh uh!

I went to Bonn germany and i love this park! obviously! lolz..

Outfit; speedy 30 LV, Shoes zara, lace dress zara

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blueeeeeee, lace, and chanel! aw!

This is my first take on,,the blue kinda thing..i know it isnt offically spring yet! lol...specially where am at! lol...I was going to entertain some friends for lunch,,i love the detailing fo the laced dress,,,i am glad i got hold of this laced dress, by the way,, sheere and lace sooooo in this spring and summer! and as we all know already colors,colors colors! excting!!!